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New England Regional Association

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Our Purpose
Becoming a Member
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We are always looking for people interested in joining our organization.

Who Can Join?
Any member in good standing of the SUVCW & ASUVCW from any of the six New England states.

Benefits of Joining
The ablitiy to meet new people from all around New England and three times a year at the least spend time with them in all of the six New England states.
During our meetings and at other times through-out the year we can learn from each other about our relatives who served in the American Civil War, we can share our knowledge of the ACW with others thru Expos, School demos etc.
Everyone has friends, nieghbors, co-workers and just people that they know who can be a help to some if not all of us, but how do we meet all of these new people from all over New England? That simple we talk to each other about things we are working on or are interested in and before you know it, someone you are talking with has the same interest or knows someone who does, which they introduce you to. That is networking.
Increased Pride

How Can You Join?

New England Regional Association is open to all members in good standing of the SUVCW and ASUVCW from the New England States. All contents of this website are Copyright protected under the laws of the United States of America.